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Maronda decides to Raise the Roof

As part of Maronda Homes continuous effort to improve our homes, the company has decided to raise the roof on the designs of the Americana series homes in the Florida Market.  For many years Maronda has made Cathedral Ceilings with plant ledges available on single story designs.  The sloped ceilings were so common on a Maronda Home that they had almost become a trademark of the company.  For most competitors, the cathedral ceiling option was very expensive due to the expense of building the scissor trusses and extra work required in framing and finishing the ceilings.  Given that Maronda Homes builds the trusses in its company owned manufacturing plants, the company was able to deliver cathedral ceilings at a lower cost which was passed on to our customers.

However, with the advent of the new building code in Florida, which went into effect on March 15th 2012. It is more expensive to meet the new energy requirements with a home containing cathedral ceilings.  So Maronda Homes is raising the roof by offering all one story Americana homes with 9’4″ flat ceilings and most of the two story homes with either an 8′-8″ first floor ceiling height or in some cases a 9′-4″ ceiling height.

Hampton Kitchen

This increased ceiling height allows for additional upgrades to be available.  Crown Molding is becoming a popular option among Maronda’s Homebuyers as is the 42″ wall cabinet option.  The Kitchen Cabinets provided have been raised panel Oak or Burch but increasing their height from 30″ to 42″ really changes the look of a kitchen.  An additional advantage of the higher flat ceiling is in the consistency of  the insulation application.  Maronda Homes uses R-30 blown insulation in all of their flat ceiling homes.  This insulation is not subject to the gaps created by shrinkage, typical of foam insulation systems, and it also eliminates the gaps present in Fiberglass Bat insulation systems that are created by the truss bottom cords and webs.  Utilizing blown insulation allows for a very consistent thermal resistance across the entire ceiling of the home as each truss cord and web are literally wrapped in insulation and all gaps are filled.  The net result for the customer is a lower utility bill whether it be for Air Conditioning or Heating.

Lastly, the higher ceiling height changes the “feel” of the home.  In the days before Air Conditioning, nice homes designed for the South, had high ceilings to collect the warmer air and then they would try to draw it out of the home through high transom windows.  With air conditioning the entire home is comfortable temperature wise, but the “feel” of a high ceiling is hard to beat.  If you would like to see for yourself stop by our Sanibel Model at Eagle Pines near Winter Haven or if you are near Palmetto stop by Oakhurst Park and see the Hampton Model.  Both of these models feature the 9’4″ ceiling available on our homes.  Walk through the home and see if you don’t agree, raising the roof was the right thing to do.