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Maronda Homes Florida Includes a Radiant Barrier

In the continual efforts to provide the most cost effective, energy efficient home, Maronda Homes of Florida has decided to add a Radiant Barrier in the attic to reflect radiant heat from the shingled roofs back to outside of the home instead of allowing that heat to radiate into the attic area, increasing the temperature differential between the air conditioned temperatures of the living areas of the home and the attic temperatures.  In the South where keeping a home cool is the challenge,  Maronda Homes, already includes, double pane windows with Low Emissivity Glazing to reflect unwanted radiant heat from sunlight coming through the windows.  The window frames have been changed from Aluminum (a highly conductive material) to Vinyl.  The Standard ceiling insulation is also R-30 and a High SEER HVAC system currently 14 SEER soon to be 15 SEER is also included as a standard feature.  The next piece of the energy puzzle is the addition of Radiant Barrier in the attic.

What a radiant barrier does is reflect radiant heat.  The radiant heat build up onradiant-barrier-1 a typical Florida shingled roof is tremendous and in most homes it heats the shingles, felt paper and roof sheathing to very high temperatures in the summer sun.  This heat energy is then radiated through the attic space down to the attic insulation below.  It also radiates heat energy to the duct work in the attic which carries the cool, dry, conditioned air to the various rooms below.  By placing a radiant barrier on the underside of the sheathing, this built up heat is reflected back outside the home instead of allowing it to radiate through the attic.  The US department of energy states that use of a radiant barrier in this application can result in a 5 to 10% reduction in cooling costs when used in warm sunny climates.

It is important to note that all of these things plus a programmable thermostat come standard in a new Maronda Home in Florida  These standards come in all sizes of Maronda Homes from the smallest to the largest.  Many builders tout the energy efficiency of their larger homes or the Energy Package they make available for an extra charge.  These features are not extras or part of a special Energy Package the customer must pay for to receive.  They are not limited to communities where the electric utility pays a rebate for energy features.  These are all common sense, cost effective methods to minimize the utility usage and maximize the comfort in a Maronda Home.