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Maronda Homes is an Energy Star Partner

At Maronda Homes, we’re big believers in efficiency. It drives market costs down, making things more affordable, and lowers the energy costs to perform a given action. We’re so firm in our belief that we’ve actually greased all the floors in our offices, so that no energy is wasted getting from place to place (Okay, you caught us. That’s pretty much entirely false. We’re more a low-pile-neutral-tones kind of company, thank you for asking.)

To that end, Maronda Homes is proud to announce that we are certified Energy Star Partners. For a builder to be recognized by Energy Star, they have to submit 1 out of a predetermined number of homes to be inspected for efficiency based on Energy Stars rigorous testing standards. Many builders meet this recommendation, and we at Maronda would like to commend the greater builder community for working to create more energy efficient homes.

We have seen ourselves as pioneers in this sense, and to further that image we have decided not to simply be recognized but to partner with Energy Star. In order to receive this distinction, we submit each of our homes, not just a sampling, to be verified by a third-party inspector, in this case ComfyHouse of Pittsburgh. ComfyHouse uses advanced equipment and techniques, such as home thermal imaging, in order to determine how much energy a home is wasting and how to increase it’s efficiency.

In the words of ComfyHouse owner Tom Branch, “No other builder that I have dealt with is more deserving of this designation”. But as we’ve mentioned we’re a bit competitive, and we like to take things to the next level. To that end, we’ve decided to work towards meeting the standards set by Energy Star for the future, not the present.

To meet that goal, we’ve been building new homes for Pittsburgh’s future, not it’s present or it’s past. Currently, our homes exceed the 2009 Energy Star Partner standards by about 30% on the average, according to Tom Branch of ComfyHouse. This means when you buy an Energy Star Partner certified Maronda home, you’re buying the home a home of the future.

Buying now to save for the future – what’s the word for that? Hey, that’s pretty efficient, huh? We thought you’d think so.