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Maronda Homes is Energy Star 3.0

In a world of ever changing costs and now a conscious competence globally on being GREEN, Maronda Homes Inc. of Ohio raises the bar to meet Energy Star 3.0 guidelines!  Every Maronda Homes’ customer that has their home started from today moving forward can rest assured that a new bar has been set and will be met!

The early statistics from this new 3.0 level of Energy Star indicates a potential savings of 30% or more versus homes that are not built to Energy Star specifications.  This additional savings is passed directly on to the home owner in their monthly utility costs.  Many home owners are seeing this as an opportunity!!!  This is an opportunity to get more features in their home, opportunity to pay down their principal of their mortgage loan quicker, and some have seen it as an opportunity so use it as a savings account for a little nicer vacation.  If you pay an average of $165 per month for natural gas and $100 per month in electricity, a 30% savings is in excess of $950 per year or a little over $79 per month!

What would you do with an extra $79 per month in you monthly budget?  My family just canceled our home phone service, due to the vast amount of cellular packages that are priced very aggressively, just to save $40 per month!  This Energy Star savings is almost twice that of the phone savings!

Buy Maronda and receive peace of mind that you are being a good steward of your finances!  Buy Maronda and show that you are ecologically responsible to the carbon footprint that each of us leaves behind!

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