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Maronda Homes Market Based Designs

At Maronda Homes of Florida we have created a new system for developing new designs that makes new designs available to our customers faster than ever before.  Maronda Homes has traditionally excelled in value by recording and tracking every piece and part that is  utilized in every home.  This gives us exceptional cost control and allows us to deliver our homes to our customers at an exceptional value.  It did however make it difficult to test new designs for market interest because of the large overhead expense before we could release a new design for sale.  The old methods have fallen away and made way for the new.  Maronda Homes is now building prototypes of the new Renaissance series.   The Milan and the Florence homes have been designed with new features, options and flexibility.  They are currently under construction in North Ridge in Deland.  When the prototypes are completed the designs will be finalized and then the homes will become available for sale in those communities where they match lot fit and customer interest.  As customers choose to build these new designs and the backlog of homes increases, that will determine when the homes are subjected to the detailed parts and pieces analysis that allows for the computerized fabrication in Maronda Systems Plants.

In addition to the New Designs like the Sierra, Sanibel and Hampton already released to rave reviews, there is much more in the pipeline.  These new designs will allow us to bring new product to market and let our customers decide which homes should remain available and which designs should be retired.  Providing homes that meet what our customers want without spending overhead dollars on homes that the market doesn’t accept is a tremendous benefit of this new system.  It will allow Maronda Homes to become even more innovative.  For example the new Florence design features a master bedroom suite that includes a five foot shower, and Soaker Tub and a private water closet room.  However, in the deluxe version of the home the master bath expands from 122 to 155 square feet.  The soaker tub enlarges to over six feet and the shower comes complete with Two Rain Heads, Dual shower controls and over sixty four square feet of room.  This is a Master Bath that provides a level of luxury we have not offered before.  With this new system Maronda Homes will be able to offer this home and our other new designs and allow our customers to decide what features they want included, what designs they like and what is important to them, all while maintaining the Exceptional Value that our customers have come to expect with Maronda Homes