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“Maronda Homes Pioneers Mobile Real Estate Technology”

“Maronda Homes Pioneers Mobile Real Estate Technology”

Maronda Homes is a designer and builder of quality, affordable and Energy Star®-rated homes in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, Florida and Kentucky. For nearly 40 years, Maronda has built single-family homes, town homes and condominiums designed for family living. Maronda’s integrated material purchasing and distribution systems reduce waste and save homebuyers money.

Maronda Homes is committed to 100% Energy Star certification.

“We approach everything at Maronda Homes with the goal of saving you money.”

Why Online Marketing?

A few recent studies showed that 83% of adults own cell phones, and 44% of those adults own smart phones.  15-20% of traffic to websites is from a mobile device.  With statistics like that, it is hard to ignore the ever growing need for internet marketing.

Listen to Consumers

It is the goal of Maronda to give each customer a unique experience through personal interaction via email and social media.  Maronda believes that a customer should be able to talk to a real person at 10pm at night while searching online for a home, instead of receiving a generic automated email response.

Real Internet Sales Counselors that Care

Not only does Maronda have community specialists that assist home buyers in each of their neighborhoods, but also a team of knowledgeable online sales agents that can help customers in the preliminary stages of home buying.  The Internet Sales Counselors for Maronda provide information on locations, communities, lot availability, pricing, and model home floor plans.  Maronda believes that is important to provide home buyers with all of the information necessary to buy a home, even if it is not a Maronda home.

Convenient Accessibility

Customers on the go can now enjoy a fully functional mobile website with key information only, fewer images for faster page loading, and easy navigation. Based on the statistic that 57% of online users will not recommend a business with a bad mobile site or website.

Smart Phone Functionality

Maronda’s goal with mobile browsing is to include less information than the main website, leaving only key information so the customer can find the answers to their questions quickly and efficiently.  Maronda’s mobile website also includes fewer pictures, and phone friendly calls to action.

One of the Maronda’s main focuses with mobile navigation is engaging users in something fun they can only do on a smart phone, such as finding communities and points of interest relative to the users GPS location.

It has been projected that mobile marketing will increase 100% by the end of 2012.  With statistics like this, Maronda has made it a primary goal to be on the forefront of the next generation of mobile marketing and customer service.




Reaching Customers Through Social Media

Maronda realizes the importance of social media in the home buying process.  In fact, most of the company’s internet sales leads check the website and “Like” Maronda on Face book before inquiring about a home.  In realizing this, Maronda has developed an online sales assistant program to engage Face book users at any hour of the day or night.  This “chat box” allows users to have a dialog with a person in real time to answer any questions they have, or to schedule appointments to tour a model home.

Social media and Maronda’s website are on the forefront of consumer engagement.  They are the first two places potential home buyers check when researching Maronda Homes.  In recognizing this trend, Maronda has put a strong focus on engaging customers through their website, and across multiple social media channels not limited to Facebook and Twitter.

Our Financial Commitment to You

“We approach everything at Maronda Homes with the goal of saving you money. Our cost-conscious mindset allows us to implement methods – both big and small – that add up to savings. This is our way of helping homeowners feel good about the buying process.

Simply put: We understand the value of a dollar.”