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Maronda Homes – The Quality Is In Our DNA


If you’ve been shopping for a new home for a while, you’ve probably visited a number of homebuilder websites and noticed that certain buzzwords show up time and time again. Words like “designer,” “value,” and “craftsmanship” get thrown around pretty liberally, and it can be hard to distinguish the reality from the marketing verbiage. So how does a homebuyer know what they’re getting when they buy from a builder? Will they be getting a heavy dose of meaningless catchphrases that fail to prop up a substandard home? Or will they move into a quality house built by a company that honestly cares about their reputation, their product, and their customers?

Here at Maronda Homes, we have carefully selected a few words of our own to define the kind of homebuilder we work hard to be: quality, value and affordability. In the case of Maronda Homes – these aren’t just words, but promises that form the reality behind every home we build.

When it comes to quality, the definition may be pretty easy: quality is a characteristic of excellence that sets something apart from others like it. At MarondaHomes, quality is the way that our home construction techniques set our houses apart from those offered by the competition. Every home contains pretty much the same elements (kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms), and just about every home can house your family. But every homebuilder runs a business – part of which involves making enough money on the sale of each home to employ the countless people who make the planning, building and selling of new home developments possible. How each builder chooses to make that money can differ greatly – and it is one place where Maronda Homes’ quality outshines other builders, 100 percent.

Maronda Homes’ first commitment to quality is in our building model. Instead of artificially deflating our prices through substandard materials, less-skilled labor or a lack of home and community amenities, we have structured our business to make money through a streamlined in-house construction process that minimizes our initial costs, and passes those savings on to you.

Our second commitment to quality comes in the form of our enduring relationships with our trade partners – the skilled men and women who choose the best materials and use the latest techniques to ensure that every Maronda home is strong, stable, solid and secure. Our tenacity and insistence upon “doing it right” sets us apart from many of our competitors. We impose rigorous standards on what can and cannot be used to construct our homes, and our communities have come to represent only the finest in quality and durability. Many of our trade partners have been doing business with Maronda Homes for over 40 years, and we are dealing with the second generation of family members running these businesses. That’s why we are able to extend a 10-year structural warranty on every house we build, giving you peace of mind and proud confidence in the security and quality of the place that you call home.

So there it is: quality, defined. But don’t just take our word for it. Our satisfied owners are testament to the fact that for Maronda Homes, quality isn’t just a buzzword, but a pillar of our ongoing business success, and a main reason why thousands of homeowners have chosen Maronda Homes as their builder of choice. Stop by one of our communities and see for yourself how Maronda Homes is building their legacy of quality, one house at a time.

For over 40 years, Maronda Homes has been designing and building homes of the very finest quality and value.  Visit one of our communities  today and see just how great life can be or click here for more information.