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Maronda Introduces New “Control 4” Smart Device in Homes!

This month Maronda is introducing the all new “Control 4” smart device home control system as an option in new homes that no other builder is offering! The new home control system Maronda will be offering is a Linux-based appliance dubbed a Home Controller which manages all the connected electronic devices in a consumer’s home. Such devices may include Control4’s own products (such as light switches, zoned audio amplifiers, networked thermostats, and touch-screen keypads) as well as an ample variety of third party products (such as common name-brand televisions, alarm panels, security cameras).

The basic package being offered as an upgrade in new homes will include 16 control switches, thermostat control, Control4 control box which controls all home entertainment devices, and interfaces for audio and lighting.  Control4 comes standard with preset controls capable of lighting the way from your master bedroom to your kitchen at the push of a button.  Want to experience Control4 first hand?  Visit our model home at Maronda Farms to see the new Control4 system fully installed and in action!

Going green?  We have you covered!  The Control 4 package Maronda is offering comes standard with motion sensors, so if you leave a light on anywhere in your home, Control4 knows when and if to turn it off. Control4 is also designed to facilitate a two-way conversation between utilities and their customers. Utilities can count on a proven platform that integrates with back-end systems to optimize load management across their network of homes. Meanwhile, consumers can reduce energy use and costs by controlling how and when specific devices in the home use power—particularly during peak pricing or load periods, and in a way that fits with their lifestyle and priorities.

Now you can control all of the options in your home from your iPhone, iPad, or Droid.  Control4 offers applications so you have complete control of all your home functions anywhere in the world. Additions to the Control4 systems include audio and video systems that can be accessed from any computer and wireless device.  In a Control4-enabled smart home, “MyHome apps” work with your system over the WiFi network in your home. All this happens securely because only authorized devices can connect to your system. With either a single device or multiple-device license (site), it’s easy to control your home from an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet, or a PC or Mac.