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It’s a New Year…Do you make resolutions?

Resolution Do’s and Don’ts

It’s a new year!  Happy 2014 everyone!  Are you a “New Year Resolutionist”?  Do you make realistic goals or do you shoot for the stars?  I think starting the year with fresh ideas is fantastic…but can you follow through?  Here are some thoughts on the subject.

Be Realistic:  Think about a goal that you are actually able to achieve.  It is great to “shoot for the stars”, but make sure the steps you put in place are reasonable.  One of the most common resolutions is losing weight!  Hence the billion dollar supplement and fitness industry.  While weight loss is a fabulous goal, I think the focus should be on overall health!  Eat right and exercise…Don’t be the person at the gym for the month of January and February, and then quit.  Start slow and create a habit by incorporating healthy routines bit by bit.  Moderation is the key to success!

Put it in Writing:  Do you know that you are more inclined to follow through with a resolution if you write it down?  Put your goal on a piece of paper and hang it on your mirror or refrigerator.  If you have to look at the words that you have committed to everyday, you are more likely to stick with it.  So, you want to save more money?  Write yourself a note.  “I will set aside $20 a week for a vacation at the end of the year”.  Think of how pleased you will be when you are at your dream destination in December!

Re-evaluation is not failure:  Life is full of the unexpected!  I think if your resolution is proving to be challenging, then re-evaluate.  You can tailor your goal to suit your changing lifestyle.  By tweaking your resolution and not giving up, you are still on the road to change.  Maybe you weren’t able to save enough for a down payment on your new home by July.  There is nothing wrong with extending or changing your resolution in order to still achieve your goal by November.

At the end of the day, I say be yourself!  It’s a New Year, It’s a New You is terribly cliché.  Don’t reinvent yourself…People like who you are!  You will be thrilled with yourself when you look in the mirror on December 31, 2014 and can say, “I achieved my 2014 resolution goals!”