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Older Charmer Home-Possible Buyer Beware…

It’s so easy to be charmed by an older home. From intricate woodwork to antique fixtures and impressive price points, older homes are, admittedly, hard to resist. An older home, however, could ultimately make you pay big time, both in upkeep and what you’re sacrificing for it.

What You Give Up When You Buy Old
You are probably well aware of the obvious benefits of a brand new home: the breadth of designs and floor-plans, modern fixtures and finishes, brand new and personally selected appliances, plumbing, paint and flooring, exceptional energy efficiency, and so much more. And all of it customized to your lifestyle and taste.

But, all of that aside, there are other benefits to a new home that are too easily overlooked:

  • There’s a stronger sense of a community. When families move to a new neighborhood within a few weeks, bonds of friendship are easier to build and last longer. You’re not a “new kid on the block.” Furthermore, the common areas that are typical with so many Maronda Homes neighborhoods provide an unparalleled opportunity to build bonds with new neighbors.
  • Spacious, thoughtful designs make it easier to connect with family and friends. Some older homes are notorious for tiny rooms and inconvenient designs. While that can make them exceptional places to play hide-and-seek, other forms of entertainment can be challenging.  How easy is it to mingle with dinner party guests when the dining room, living room, and kitchen are located in separate parts of the house?
  • They’re brighter! Certain older homes tend not to have as many windows. And furthermore, unless the electrical has been recently, and professionally, updated, lighting can be a challenge.
  • It’s your style – immediately. You don’t have to spend weekends stripping down wallpaper, repairing do-it-yourself disasters from previous owners, pulling up carpet or painting walls – or hiring someone else to do it all at an exorbitant cost.
  • You don’t have to stock up on extension cords or power strips. Many older homes don’t have enough outlets or, worse yet, they don’t have the electrical capacity to handle high-definition televisions, DVRs, computers, or high-wattage blow dryers. New homes, on the other hand, can accommodate all of the new technologies of today.

Why Buying an Older Home Can Be Really Expensive
All of those benefits aside, a new home saves huge amounts of money in the long run.

So the next time you’re bewitched by an older home, break the spell by remembering you can have the home of your dreams without having to deal with the very real nightmare of upkeep and renovation.

If you need more convincing, tour some of our wonderful communities to appreciate the exceptional design and craftsmanship that make a new home a smart investment.

And, if all else fails, be sure to watch this classic – and very funny movie: The Money Pit to learn how the charming used home of your dreams could turn into your worst nightmare.

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