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Florida is a great place to live.  With a year round average temperature of 68 degrees, it offers a comfortable living environment.  However, this mild climate makes it very accommodating for one of Florida’s most hated residents, the termite!  According to the insurance industry, termites cause more damage each year in Florida than all other perils combined.  It is imperative to have a protection plan for your home, as regular homeowners insurance does not cover termite damage.  There are many qualified companies that do provide different types of protection plans.  The following is a description of some of the plans that are available.

Maronda Homes concrete block constructionTreatment Bond: This is a contract or guarantee that provides only for a re-treatment of the home in the event of a termite infestation.  This type of plan offers the lowest form of protection, as the main cost associated with a termite infestation is repair of the damage to the home, not simply a re-treatment.

Repair Bond:  This is a contract or guarantee that not only provides for a re-treatment of the home, but repair of any damages caused.  It is important to consider when determining the amount of coverage for repairs, that the total price of the home may not be sufficient.  Repairs can be very costly and in many cases will exceed the purchase price of the home.

Both of the above types of programs include a combination of treatment and monitoring.  Some plans require only an annual inspection, while others are monitored more often.  There are two basic types of treatment options most commonly offered, chemical barriers and baiting systems.

Chemical Barriers: This is a program that involves a yearly inspection and an annual chemical treatment around the perimeter of the structure.  This method is effective in preventing termite infestations; however, it has some limitations.  Chemicals can wash away in the rain as well cause environmental damage, and every five years a more intense treatment is required involving significant additional cost.

Maronda Homes Jacksonville FloridaBaiting Systems:  These systems, such as the “Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System by Dow AgroSciences, LLC, involve placing bait stations around the perimeter of the home.  The bait stations attract foraging termites by offering cellulose bait tainted with a growth regulator, that is then returned to the colony rendering them unable to molt.  This method is more environmentally friendly and has been proven to be very effective.  It also can be more affordable, since it involves quarterly monitoring at a minimal fee and no five year intense re-treatment.

conrete block homes by MarondaOne of the best ways to protect your largest asset from these pests is to buy a brand new concrete block home from Maronda Homes.  Maronda has been building these quality homes in Florida since 1972 and they provide a fortress against not only these wood destroying vermin, but storm and water damage as well.

Maronda Homes has great communities all over the North Florida and South Georgia areas, stop in today to see the great new plans available!