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Outdoor Grilling – It’s not just a summertime activity

I don’t know about you and your household but my family likes to grill about three to four times a week.  One of the biggest joys to living in Florida is the time we spend outside and one good way to spend time outside is to take the time we spend cooking and move it outside to the grill.  In addition to giving me time to spend outside it removes the heat of the stove or oven from the kitchen.  So given that I use a gas grill I assume I am saving energy by not having to use the AC to cool the heat that is created in our kitchen by a hot oven and stove.  Good food and being green.  A great combination.

In any case if you are going to grill regularly, you need to cook more than just steaks, hot dogs, or burgers on the grill.  Those traditional grill meals taste great but they get old it you eat them all the time.  If your family likes fish, Salmon is easy. We usually purchase Salmon and leave the skin on.  Grill it skin side up to keep it moist then turn it and when the fish fats hit the flame I burn the skin off.  Not only does it taste great, but the flames produced with keep you hopping.  Salmon oil and Salmon skin really burn well.  That methods works great if my wife makes holandaise sauce. We also barbecue our salmon with a Ketchup, Mustard and soy sauce and have cooked it on Cedar Planks as well (as long as I think far enough ahead to soak them so honestly it doesn’t happen very often).

Baked potatoes and Zucchini are also a popular favorite at our house.  First we nuke the potatoes and the zucchini in the microwave then we oil them with olive oil and coat just the potato’s in sea salt.  Grill and turn as needed.  I was never big on eating the entire potato, skin and all, but when it’s cooked this way I can’t resist eating the entire thing.

If you have the time and your grill will allow a low temperature  and indirect heat, beef brisket is a great choice.  You don’t have to live in Texas to appreciate smoked beef brisket.  Just some time, some pre-soaked Hickory chips (unless you own a real smoker but if so you already know this stuff), a grill that will keep the temperature down in the 175 F to 225 F range some spices for a good rub and you’re good to go.  Look for a brisket with a serious piece of fat on the top and cook it fat side up.

Believe it or not Sandwiches can be great grilled. I just found a Smoked Turkey Sandwich recipe on the Weber Grill Site .  take a look at the link this is a grilled sandwich with caramelized onions and blue cheese on grilled bread.  Weber is not the only place to find great grilling recipe’s.  There is a great recipe for Pizza from All Fact is you can cook almost anything with the possible exception of Pasta and baked deserts better on a grill than you can in the oven.    I have yet to find a killer grilled lasagna recipe yet but that doesn’t mean it’s not out there.

So find a new recipe that sounds good, break out your favorite beverage (you have to stay hydrated you know) and try something new on the grill tonight.  Oh, and one more thing, your friends that live in apartment complexes and aren’t allowed to have a grill on their balcony, invite them over so they can enjoy some great food and good company.  They’ll appreciate it and learn the grill is good for more than just burgers and steaks.