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Pictures Can’t Do Justice….

With the latest innovations in technology at our disposal, and an array of ways to attain information online, buying and selling a home is now easier than ever.

A home buyer now has the option with builders like Maronda to see a Virtual Tour of a home they like without stepping inside!  While the convenience of the internet can help one buying a home out of state, there is still no substitution for an in person visit to a perspective home.  Visiting a home that you may buy allows you to feel what it is like to live in the home. 

As a buyer, Maronda makes it simple to arrange viewing times through an innovative online customer service program.  Looking for a new home at midnight on a Wednesday?  No problem!  We have Internet Sales Counselors available on

With all the options for home buyers out there, the information can be overwhelming.  Most buyers start their search over a year before they are ready to buy.  This makes it easier to do weekend visits to perspective homes, allows time for mortgage approval, and also lets the buyer have the chance to be more selective with their investment.

What are you waiting for?  Talk to Maronda today about your next community visit!