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Quality Lives Here – At Maronda Homes Suncoast Region

Maronda Home Tampa is kicking off it’s new Quality Lives Here campaign, The purpose of this campaign is to demonstrate and highlight the various components in a home that when taken together add up to quality construction  as opposed to flash in the pan.   Quality Construction consists of a multitude of little things that most people don’t notice when touring a model home but they do notice once they move in and “LIVE” in a home.  Little things like, how even is the wall texture?  Is the texture consistent from the top of the wall to the bottom of the wall?  Are the drywall returns at each window square?  This is an example of something most folks wouldn’t notice, at least until they ordered blinds for the windows and found some wouldn’t fit in the openings or better yet, they fit in the front of the opening but not in the back.

Maronda Homes from Port Charlotte to Spring Hill and from Tampa to Winter Haven has worked to improve the finish on the wood trim in the home as well.  To help demonstrate the quality of finish on the trim that Maronda Homes uses, the  Maronda Sales representatives are handing out small pocket sized samples of door casing that customers can take with them when they tour other builders models, touch Maronda’s casing and feel the difference.  This is an example of the ongoing product improvement that Maronda Homes employs.  This tactile sense of quality plays out in hand rails, door knobs, cabinet doors and all parts of the home that you touch.  When you touch it, does it say Quality?  Through this campaign Maronda Homes intends to showcase it’s true two coat exterior painting system, it’s Stay Dry foundation system and its energy components that come standard with every Maronda Home.  This is one more reason you will hear people say, “If you haven’t seen a Maronda Home lately, you haven’t seen Maronda Homes“.