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Tips to make your move a little easier….

Buying your dream home is one of the most Exciting times in a person (s) life, but it can also be somewhat stressful. Especially if you’ve never done it before, Listed below are some helpful tips for just such an occasion.


  • Gather boxes and moving supplies several weeks ahead of your moving date. Boxes can be purchased from your moving company or a packaging store. Some moving companies have a supply of previously used boxes they will give you. Specialty boxes, such as those for dishware and glasses, simplify packing and protect your fragile items. Have plenty of packing tape, scissors and markers available. Get a good supply of bubble wrap or newsprint to protect your valuables.


  • Before you pack, begin a “moving notebook.” As you pack a box, write down the contents in your notebook. Number the boxes and label each box with the room that it came from. To simplify things for the movers, color code your boxes. Place a colored dot on each box, using one color for each room in your new home. At your new home, place the corresponding colored dots on rooms so the movers know where to put them.

Moving to a new home is an exciting prospect, but can also be overwhelming when you face the task of packing for your move. Getting organized in advance will help put your mind at ease and will pay off in the end. Protecting your valuables is a priority when packing, so don’t cut corners on packing material. Allow yourself plenty of time and your move will be less stressful. Does this Spark an idea?