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Buy a New Maronda Home Over a Foreclosure

 Thinking about a New Maronda Home?

Are you considering homes that are in foreclosure? Many home buyers across the country observe the large inventory of foreclosed homes with below-market values. Think about and weigh the option of buying a foreclosure, over a new home. While this may be a good option for some hardy home buyers, it is not for everyone.

Foreclosed properties come with substantial risks attached, as the buyer is faced with paying for long-overdue repairs and maintenance issues. Additionally, the property may not be readily available to purchase, may present obstacles to financing, and may require an immediate cash payment if purchased at auction.

Are you thinking about buying a foreclosure over a new home? Before you start shopping, visit a new home, designed and built by home builder, Maronda Homes.

You will seriously reconsider your foreclosed property shopping, when you see the quality, stylistic options, home warranties, and energy-efficiency that comes with every new Maronda home. With more than 40 years in the home building business, Maronda Homes has you covered!

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About Julie Wiedmeyer

Julie was a new home sales counselor for Maronda Homes in Cincinnati, OH. She spent her career in the real estate & new construction industry and is passionate about helping to educate home buyers. When she isn't spending time with clients she enjoys her family and animal rescue.

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