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Reasons to Buy a New Home in the Winter Season

Buying a new home in winter is one the real estate industry’s best kept secrets.

Since most people look to close their home purchases in the spring and summer, you can leverage the wintertime market to your advantage. Here are just a few ways that you win by buying in winter:

  • Fewer buyers means motivated sellers. Sellers also know that winter is a tough time to sell, and if they’re on the market, they’re probably serious about selling. This gives you a stronger negotiating position and can help you get a better deal.
  • Seasonal perspective. If you’re buying in an area with four seasons and you close in spring, you might not find out if the city does a good job of maintaining the streets. Buying in winter lets you see what wintertime conditions are like outside the house as well as inside the house.
  • More tax write-offs. When you buy in the beginning of the year, you set yourself up to itemize all of your deductions for that year. Buying a new home in the middle or the end of the year may leave you without enough interest and property taxes paid to itemize for that year.

If you want to buy a custom home this winter, contact Maronda Homes today.  We’d love to help you build your dream home!