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Retire in Florida… Why? Fourteen Reasons Why.

The State of Florida is known as a retirement mecca.  People from the North East overwhelmingly choose Florida as the place to live when they stop the rat race and choose where they want to live.  There are a number of other Southern States that promote themselves as a great place to retire but  there are reasons Florida is the King of the places to retire.  What follows is a list of a few of the reasons to move here.

First of all there is No Income Tax.  Florida is only one of Six States in the Country that does not have a State Income Tax.

Secondly, There are the Beaches.  From almost any community you pick, you are within 60 miles of the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico.  Beaches cover three sides of the state.  That gives Florida more beach per capita than anywhere in the Continental US.  If Alaska has your idea of a dreamy sundrenched beach, be my guest.  I’ll stick with a warm beach where I don’t have to watch out for ice floats.

Thirdly, Florida offers the Attractions.  Be it Disney, Universal, Seaworld, Bush Gardens, Lego Land or any of the other “attractions” (fishing, boating, beaches) available in Florida, you don’t have to spend your time visiting friends in far off states.  They come here.  It’s really great!

Don’t forget the Weather.  There is a reason Florida is known as the Sunshine State.  The Sun Shines here a lot.  We expect to see the Sun every day.

Florida is Loaded with some of the best known golf courses around.  There are an amazing number of courses and you can play them year round.  If you play Golf you get spoiled very quickly.  If you play Golf, you like getting spoiled.  If you don’t play Golf you can get plenty of Instruction.  There are Golf Schools everywhere.

If you like Fishing, Florida is a great place. Whether you like saltwater or freshwater fishing, there is a body of water with fish in it literally everywhere you go.

If you like to Sail, the Gulf of Mexico is one of the best Sailing areas in the World.

If you enjoy Boating there are lakes and public launches all over the State.

If you like College Football you will find some in Florida are OBSESSED with football.  Florida, Florida State and Miami all get a lot of attention but don’t under estimate University of South Florida and University of Central Florida which both have growing programs that are attracting attention.  If tailgating is something you enjoy you have ample opportunity and great weather enjoy it and let’s not forget the Bowl Games that are played in Florida.

Florida has excellent medical facilities.  Not only are there hospitals all over but some of the finest medical services anywhere can be found right here in Florida.

Shopping, you can buy almost anything here in Florida.   From Designer Clothing to exotic cars you can find it in Florida.

Dining, Florida has a wide variety of Cuisines to choose from.  If you have a favorite palate, we have a restaurant that caters to it.

If you enjoy Nature there are State and Federal Parks with vast stretches of land a short drive from anyplace in Florida.

You can buy more home for less money by purchasing a Maronda Home than in other retirement locals.  You don’t need a retirement home, you need a home you can retire in.   Next time you come to visit Florida, stop by a Maronda Homes community and see what you can own.