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Saving Money – A New Twist on an Old Idea

Have you ever heard about those people who get a whole shopping cart full of groceries for only $40?  I have always been envious of those who have the patience and dedication to actually accomplish that feat.  However, from what I have been told, it takes a lot of organization and planning.  My daughter-in law, who is one of these accomplished “couponers”, says that the two most important things you must do to be successful at this is to plan ahead, and forget about brand loyalty.  It also helps to keep your coupons organized for easy access, and a coupon wallet that separates them by product category is a great way.   Always order free samples of products when available, as they often come with “high value” coupons.  Some companies will send you coupons in exchange for reviews and endorsements.

The internet provides a great tool when couponing.  There are many coupon sites where you can print off coupons and if you have multiple computers (desktop and laptop, etc.) you can print multiples of the same coupon.  Some of these sites include: Red Plum Coupons,, Coupon Network, and Smart Source Coupons Some handy coupon blogs are:  Coupon Pro and Couponing to Disney.  There are also companies that will text coupons to you weekly, if you sign-up, such as Target.

Knowing the store’s coupon policy is important, it is even a good idea to print out their policy and take it with you because there is a good chance that the clerk (and even management) may not know their own policy.

Social media sites are also good sources for coupons.  Follow your favorite companies on Facebook, and they will, many times, trade “Likes” for coupons.  “Coupon Pro” has a great Facebook page where many deals can be had.

The following is a list of 30 couponing tips from “Living Richly on a Budget”.  For more specific information on these tips please visit the site.

1. Subscribe to the Sunday paper.

2. Use a coupon clipping service. 

3. Join the store loyalty program.

4. Stack coupons with store sales.

5. Get familiar with store couponing policies.

6. Get around couponing policies.

7. Know what a good deal is.

8. Be aware of the coupon expiration date and exclusions.

9. Shop at more than one store.

10. Make multiple transactions.

11. Plan out your shopping trips.

12. Shop with a store circular in hand.

13. When in doubt, ask.

14. Use overages to get free stuff.

15. Use store rewards towards your next purchase.

16. Stock up during a sale.

17. Start a stockpile.

18. Anticipate store sales and plan your savings accordingly.

19. Shop online.

20. Print coupons online.

21. Follow your favorite brands on Facebook.

22. Look for unadvertised deals.

23. Always carry coupons with you.

24. Buy the smaller size.

25. Compare warehouse prices with grocery store prices.

26. Think about storage space before you buy.

27. Don’t get suckered into buying things you don’t need.

28. Don’t compare yourself to others.

29. Check out dollar stores.

30. Review your strategy.

Whether you are interested in becoming one of these “professional” couponers, or if you just like a good deal now and then, couponing can offer significant savings on things you need or want, and who doesn’t like to pay less for what we buy?

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