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Saving money on your next home purchase

Whether you are a first time home buyer or a “seasoned professional”, there are many things to think about when considering a home purchase. Buying a home has always been a big decision, but in the current housing climate things are even more complicated. There are many different choices and options, but what is the right fit for you and your family?

There is a lot of talk these days about short sales and foreclosures.  These types of purchases present opportunity for rewards as well as pitfalls.  Buying existing homes (not distressed) is also a popular choice and can be rewarding as well. However, both types of purchases can come with hidden costs and delays.  Beyond the obvious issues we have all heard about, such as hidden damages, long delays, and clouded titles, there are costs associated with these purchases that may not be obvious.

Energy Efficiency

Maronda concrete block homes in Florida since 1972New homes are built to much higher standards of energy efficiency than ever before. The Florida Building Code requires that every three years the overall efficiency of new homes must be increased by measurable amounts. There are products available today that are far more efficient than those available just a few years ago.  The Federal Energy Star program has encouraged the production of appliances and devices that deliver significant energy savings as well. There are building materials used, that by their very design, provide a more energy efficient home, such as concrete block. Concrete block homes are 16% more energy efficient that frame homes, even those built under the same codes. The Thermal Mass of the block itself provides a buffer against fluctuations in temperatures, thus delivering indoor comfort with less energy expended.  All of these improvements result in much lower utility bills providing cost savings every month.

Durability of Materials

Maronda Homes block homes in Florida since 1972Advances in manufacturing and research have produced new building products that deliver more longevity and less maintenance. Many of the exterior products used on new homes such as paints, composite trim and siding materials, roofing products, etc., are designed to last longer than ever before. Even interior products such as laminate flooring, porcelain tile, granite counter tops, etc., are designed to last years longer than ever before. The enhanced durability of these materials produce yearly savings in maintenance costs.

Insurance Premiums

Maronda homes in Florida since 1972Homes built after 2001 receive a significant discount on homeowner’s insurance premiums, and homes built under the current code (FBC 2010) receive even lower rates. What people don’t realize is that most of the losses in total dollars from storms are not caused by the total destruction that is seen on the news.  It is the water damage from missing shingles and other seemingly minor damages that result in the most total cost of loss to the insurance companies. The newer codes require more aggressive nailing of shingles and roofing that reduces the risk of loss. Newer home also represent a lower risk of fire and other perils due to the lack of aging systems and materials. All of this results in savings every month when paying the escrow portion of your monthly mortgage payment.

block homes by Maronda since 1972Maronda Homes has been building energy efficient concrete block homes in Florida since 1972. These brand new homes offer superior design and quality products making them a smart choice for the Florida home buyer. In addition to the fact that these homes are new construction, delivering all of the savings mentioned above, they also provide “an easily observable better value” when compared to the competition.  Maronda has been providing “more home for less money” to its homeowner’s for over 40 years. Not only does Maronda offer these homes constructed with concrete block, a superior building material, but they use all of the latest products and appliances making them an energy efficient builder.

Maronda builds in Florida since 1972If you are planning a new home purchase, you should really consider buying a new Maronda home.  They have great communities located all over the South Georgia, North Florida, and Treasure Coast areas. Visit online or stop in to one of their decorated model home centers today and see how a brand new Maronda home can save you money every month!