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Scattered Lot Living: The Freedom of Choice

Maronda Homes Embraces Scattered Lot Living in Florida Divisions

What is a Scattered Lot?

At Maronda Homes, a scattered lot is a plot of land that intertwines with other builders. It allows you to build your dream home on a lot that is not a part of a specific closed-gate community. 

Maronda Homes owns numerous lots around multiple areas for you to build on. Unlike traditional new construction communities where builders create a few streets at once, these lots are in various locations and on differing streets. Typically, our scattered lot communities are in established areas with mature trees and neighborhood landscaping in place. 

Many homebuyers prefer scattered lots over closed communities due to greater privacy and freedom. In addition, scattered lot communities allow our buyers to have more control over where they want to build while keeping costs down.

Pros of Scattered Lots

No Cookie-Cutter Feel

With our scattered lot options, you will receive the same quality home without the cookie-cutter community feel. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to choose your neighbors and more freedom to do whatever you please with your property.

More Affordable

It’s no secret that new home construction can be pricey. So when choosing to build in a closed community, don’t forget to budget for homeowner association (HOA) and Community Development District (CDD) expenses. Luckily, both typically don’t apply when building on a scattered lot.

On Your Lot or Ours

If we don’t have a lot you love, provide your own for us to build on! In many communities, we offer on-your-own lot options. Reach out to an online concierge to see if we can build on your lot.

In many communities around our Florida region, scattered lots play a considerable role in providing affordable luxury homes. Spring Hill provides a perfect example of a scattered lot lifestyle. It is a master-planned community that has become a secondary suburban sprawl city to Tampa. With no CDD or HOA expenses, it remains one of our most popular scattered lot neighborhoods. Other top-selling scattered lot communities include Port St. Lucie, Port St. John, Poinciana, and Cape Coral.