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Searching for Treasure?

When you were young, did you ever dream of finding lost treasure?  There is a section of the east coast of Florida that is known as the “Treasure Coast”, comprising Indian River, St. Lucie, and Martin, and in some definitions, Palm Beach Counties. The name refers to the Spanish Treasure Fleet, lost in a 1715 hurricane while attempting to sail from Cuba on its way to Spain.  Maronda Homes in Florida since 1972In the evening of July 30, 1715 , seven days after departing from Havana, Cuba, all eleven ships of this fleet were lost at sea near present day Vero Beach, Florida. Because the fleet was carrying silver, it is also known as the 1715 Plate Fleet (plata being the Spanish word for silver plate).

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Maronda Homes has great communities on the Treasure CoastThe treasure fleet included 6 ships of the “Tierra Firma”, under the command of Captain-General Don Antonio de Escheverz y Zubiza, and 5 ships of the “New Spain Flota”, commanded by Captain-General Don Jaun Esteban de Ubilla.  These ships were loaded with gold and silver coins, gold and silver bars, emeralds, pearls, and jewelry.  Some have estimated the total value of the treasure carried by this fleet to be over $344 million, in today’s dollars.  Maronda Homes since 1972 in FloridaThis Treasure was on its way to Spain to finance the wars and expansion plans of the Spanish empire.  Since there was no National Hurricane Center, or any other way of forecasting weather at the time, this fleet was taken by surprise and all eleven ships were lost.  Much of the treasure has been salvaged over the years, but a large amount is still missing to this day.  Some artifacts and even coins still wash up on Florida beaches from time to time.

Maronda Homes treasure coast homesThe Treasure Coast area of Florida is a popular place to roam the beach with a metal detector in hopes of finding some of this lost treasure.  It is also very popular because of its beautiful white sand beaches, great restaurants, shops and other attractions.  It is also just south of the Space Coast, the home of the Kennedy Space Center and the birth place of America’s space program.

Maronda Homes in Florida since 1972Maronda Homes has been building quality concrete block homes in Florida since 1972.  These homes offer an exceptional value from their superior design to the energy star compliant methods and products used in the construction. Maronda has 16 great communities located all over the Treasure Coast area from Titusville to Port St. Lucie.  Many of these communities offer gated living in convenient locations just minutes from the beach, shopping, and entertainment.  All of these communities are just a short drive to Orlando and all of its famous attractions.

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