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Should you a buy new or used home?

New or used?  That is the home buying question!

Today’s house hunter has seen the ups and downs of economic growth and struggle, they’re ready saying enough is enough already.  A desire for stability, security and dependability are driving the all too important home buying decision these days.

In fact, there’s never been a better time to buy a new home; the benefits are numerous in comparison to purchasing an existing home.  In addition to the advanced construction of new homes, new homes boast features which with existing homes just can’t compete.

First and foremost, new homes are customizable.  There’s no one size fits all because you’re in the driver’s seat from start to finish.  New homes afford personalization and flexibility because the home owner has input into the design process.  Newer appliances selected with you in mind are icing on the cake.

New homes are developed with green features that reduce energy costs and contribute to sustainability.  Because of innovative construction, there’s lower home maintenance when purchasing a new home.  Not only that, but research indicates new homes have better safety features and suffer fewer devastating fires.

Plus, in a new home community, there’s no guessing game regarding surrounding properties in terms of value and rate of deterioration.  Keeping up with the Jones’s is no longer a concern for the new home buyer.

The long-term value of a new home is undeniable.  And really, that’s all anyone really wants for the place they ultimately call home to continue to provide stability, security and dependability.


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