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The sport of buying a Maronda Home!

Buying a home can be a sport in itself!

Finding the perfect team.

At Maronda Homes we understand that buying a new home is difficult and a huge decision. That is why we want to help! From start to finish, our hands-on team is here to help you feel right at home. There is no question to big or small for us to help you with. That is our goal. As an affordable luxury home builder, we have a vast amount of communities that can be the perfect match for you and your family. We stretch across  5 different states with an endless amount of diversity in our communities. From the hills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to the sunshine of Florida, we can build a home for anyone!

Batter Up!

Here we go. This can be your first time or your 5th time buying a home, but learning the process is important. After narrowing down your choices to which state you want to live in, we invite you to merge with our partners at FBC Mortgage to see what exactly we can build for you! Getting pre-approved for a home really helps you find exactly what you can afford and build. That saves plenty of time in the long-run and really allows us to help you begin your new home design search!

First Base.

Searching through our user-friendly website can help those who are moving into a Maronda from another state or even another country! Utilizing our tools such as chatting, contacting us and even personal conversations on the phone, can create a effortless means of communication with our knowledgeable team members. We are here to help you!

Second Base. 

It is time to schedule that appointment. Seeing is believing! Seeing our beautifully decorated models will really put all of your research into perspective. Understanding the community, neighborhood, residents and lifestyle is what moving is all about. This will soon become your new life, so why not check it out! Our knowledgeable onsite team will make you feel at ease and teach you the process of owning a Maronda Home.

Third Base. 

We knew you would love our homes! It is time to sign the papers and allow us to start building your new home! This experience is like no other. You will feel the excitement knowing that this is a brand new home chosen by you!


Move-in day! Family is all here! A blank canvas for your style! Your new Maronda Home will be a treasure chest full of memories for you and your family to have over a lifetime.