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Stainless Steel Appliances Are A MUST HAVE!

The Advantages of Stainless Steel Appliances: Clean, Modern, Luxury

Contemporary Look

The sleek and modern metallic surface will fit in any kitchen bringing a modern and timeless touch to your hearth that wont fade, rust or tarnish in time.

Whether its wood or plastic the universal designs of stainless steel appliances can compliment any kitchen and with a price comparable or sometimes cheaper than comparable appliances. The lightweight nature of stainless steel appliances make them idea for appliances both fixed and moveable!

A Cleaner Cooking Space

You kitchen can harbor some nasty stuff. Stainless steel appliances bring more to the table than just good looks. Stainless steel appliances are cleaner and are resistant to bacteria and germs thanks to their non-porous surfaces. They are an ideal addition to any kitchen

Their ease to maintain and disinfect make stainless steel appliances perfect for those who love to cook, or homes that have pets or young children. Stainless steel appliances also have no affect on food and can be used on stoves, ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, countertops and much more.

Go with Stainless

Get GE Stainless Steel appliances in your new home when you take advantage of our November 2013 Promotions in any of our Columbus Area communities.

Take 50% off options up to $20,000 and get  Stainless steel appliances for your new home.