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Sucessful home selling!

So you’re ready to make the move and buy your new Maronda home, but first, you need to sell your existing home?  Selling a home in today’s real estate market can be a challenge or it can be easy, depending on many factors.  “Location, location, location” used to be the most important factor in real estate sales.  Location is still a major consideration, as well as price, but in a market where there are so many choices, and prices are so negotiable, the condition of your home can make the difference between a quick sale and one that takes months.  If you can afford it, having a home inspection done by a qualified and licensed home inspector, prior to listing the home, can help identify areas that need work.  It might also prevent the buyers from having an unqualified inspector come in later and complicate things.

Maintenance:  Nothing says “don’t buy me” like deferred maintenance.  Buyers are basically lazy, they don’t want to buy a home where they have to do something or spend money right away.  Some things to consider are:

  1. Pressure washing.
  2. Painting or touch up (including caulking).
  3. Broken or missing trim, hardware, fixtures, etc.
  4. Broken or “fogged-up” windows.
  5. Over grown bushes, trees, untended flower beds and lawn.
  6. Burned out light bulbs.
  7. Cleaning in general.

Updating:  If your home is more than a couple of years old, or if you chose non neutral finishes, you may want to consider replacing what you can afford.  Colors and types of products used change frequently, what was very popular just a few years ago, might say “what were they thinking?” in today’s market.  Some of the most important things to consider are:

  1. Carpeting – Many people are opting these days for less carpeting due to allergens, etc., not to mention bold or dated colors, wear, stains, and smell. Wood and laminates are popular.
  2. Tile – Outdated sizes and colors as well as worn or cracked tiles.  Larger tiles are more popular.
  3. Paint colors – Bold, dark, and non-neutral colors are out, consider white or very light pale colors.
  4. Counter tops – Granite, quartz, concrete, and other exotic materials are preferred over Laminate.
  5. Gold plumbing and lighting fixtures – NO!  Brushed nickel is most popular these days.
  6. Wallpaper – Busy, worn and dated patterns need to go. Textures and simple clean patterns are popular.
  7. Window coverings – Heavy, dark, and shabby looking window coverings are a distraction.  It is better to have no window covering that something that is old, outdated, or darkens the space.

Clutter:  Probably the most important and least costly thing you can do it remove the clutter.  Too much furniture, wall hangings, nick-knacks, and personal items can make the space seem small and non-functional.  Some specific things to keep in mind are:

  1. Large pieces of furniture-it may be worth putting in storage if it makes the room look small.
  2. Old or worn pieces, even if they are family heirlooms, should be covered or stored.
  3. Controversial items such as mounted deer heads, overtly political, or questionable artwork should be removed and stored.
  4. Clean your closets- crowded closets look too small!
  5. Clean your yard-debris, old cars, and other junk will turn off most potential buyers.
  6. Landscaping-going overboard in this area can not only make the yard look small, but if the potential buyer doesn’t like yard work, it can turn them off.

Conclusion:  Remember, the three most important considerations when buying a home are Location, Price, and Condition.  Since you can’t change the location of the home, and we have discussed condition in detail above, that leaves the Price.  Everyone wants to make a huge profit when they sell their home, but pricing your home correctly will determine how long it takes to sell or if it sells at all.  Under-pricing the home is bad as well because it says to potential buyers that there is something wrong with the property.  You should have a professional market analysis done.  It is best to have this done by a Real Estate professional that does not have a financial interest in the sale of the home.

There should be a balance between fixing the critical things needed to help the home show well and spending too much of the profits ahead of time.  Bedsides, you need to save some money to customize your brand new Maronda home.  Maronda offers a full range of designer upgrades and finish choices to make your new home a great place to live and a good investment for the future.