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Summer Tips: Enjoy Your New Home To Its Fullest

The first official day of summer is just around the corner, and while we’ve been enjoying this beautiful spring weather how about some summer fun for the whole family?

The kids are out of school and now it’s time to create some great family memories in your brand new Maronda home. From food to fiestas there’s all kinds of things you can do in your own backyard to create memories and have some great times.

Fire Up The BBQ – Dinning outside, and cooking out there too, is just one of the many benefits of summer. Get your grill on and go low maintenance with some burgers and dogs. Or get a little fancy and throw some steaks and chicken on the grill. Try a little chipotle lime marinade on that chicken, or some soy sauce, cooking sherry and crushed garlic marinade on those steaks. Add a few great sides like freshly shucked corn on the cob, home made potato salad, and classic baked beans and you’ve got a spread for any hungry family.

Let The Games Begin – With the warmer weather you can put the scrabble and other board games away, step out doors, and break out some great summer fun. Consider some old classics like badminton, volleyball, or croquet. Want lower maintenance? You can never go wrong with Frisbee. Need a little target practice? Try your hand at cornhole or horseshoes.

Summer Cool Down – Pools and sprinklers are your friend. Here are a few games you can play with minimal props. Liquid Limbo – put on your best tropical music, start up a hose and cool down in the heat. Water Balloon Wars – Fill up some balloons, pick teams and go for it. Water Gun Tag – You’ve heard of laser tag, get a few water guns, put on your bathing suits and play a little water tag. Pool Ping Pong – Throw an inflatable ring into the swimming pool followed by a bucket of ping pong balls, then everyone into the pool chasing ping pong balls and trying to throw them into the ring.

Relaxing Outdoor Rooms – Create relaxing outdoor spaces. Hang a hammock. Invest in some comfy outdoor furniture. Consider putting up sunshades, out door ceiling fans, or misting hoses to keep things cool. Want a little atmosphere? Set up some outdoor speakers to enjoy some music, scatter the patio with some citronella candles and tiki torches aimed at taming the bugs, and if you really want to get creative you can set up outdoor televisions or projection screens for evening movies with the family.

The possibilities are endless for creating an outdoor space and outdoor fun to be enjoyed by the whole family. Bottom line, this is where memories in your new Maronda home are meant to be made.