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Technology: Family Friend or Foe

Don’t Let the Screens in your Home Divide your Family

After a long day at work you come home to spend time with your family. Mom is on the laptop. Dad is on the iPad. One child is on the Kindle while the other has on headphones listening to the iPod Touch.  Good ole quality time circa 2014.

Stop the madness!  While modern technology connects us to  the world at the click of a button or tap of a screen, don’t let it replace your relationships.  Interpersonal communication is essential for adults and children.  Here are some simple tips on enjoying modern technology and your family.

Establish Limits:  It is easy to tell your children when they can and can’t use their “screen time”.  Lead by example.  All family members must put down the electronics at the same time every evening!

Family Dinner:  Sit down and talk!  Share your days events with one another. Talking about your day can relieve stress, and helps your family stay connected to what everyone is experiencing when you aren’t together.

Play and Read:  Never forget the fun of an old fashioned board game!  Monopoly, Scrabble….Games teach without feeling like work!  And books…Poll any teacher and they will stress the importance of reading for you and your children.  A book can open up a whole new world for exploration.

Share Your Screens:  If “screen time” is what everyone wants, then enjoy it together.  Find an educational game on your device and play as a family!  I play an exploration finding game with my son everyday.  He is learning, and I love spending that time with him.  Staying connected to your children’s devices is also imperative when it comes to their safety.  You should be aware of parental controls, where they are spending their time on the web, and their music choices.  An informed parent is a happy parent!

At Maronda Homes we pride ourselves on family values.  We enjoy being an integral part of building the foundation for your family to grow upon.  So remember to stop, put down your device, and enjoy the space and people that surround you everyday!