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The Benefits of Townhouse Living

The Benefits of Townhouse Living

Townhouse living has been increasing over the past 10 years. For those homebuyers that are looking for a more affordable option, don’t have a large family or are interested in a more user friendly home, townhouse communities are providing a great alternative. Here are a couple of the best reasons to look at a Townhouse.

Less Home for More MoneyAffordable

The cost of a townhouse is less expensive than the cost of purchasing a single home.  Anybody not planning on dropping a ton of cash on his or her home can consider the townhouse option. Models vary is size and vary in style so you can still enjoy the same lifestyles as those who purchase the most expensive houses in the same municipality or neighborhood.

Low Maintenance

Having a Homeowners Association in our townhouse communities’ means that they take care of maintaining the common areas and building s for you. If there are things that need to be repaired such as plumbing or the roof, it is usually the Homeowners Association that has to worry about such things. That means no mowing the lawn or not being able to get out of your driveway because of a snow packed drive way.

The Benefits of Townhouse lIvingLocation

Townhouses are located in great, convenient areas. Living in a townhouse community means that you will have quick and easy access to nearby businesses, parks, shopping malls, schools and hospitals.

Rental Potential

Townhouse BenefitsThere may come a time that you need to move. Single family home buyers can be left in the lurch with their home being left to flounder on the market for months. Another benefit of Townhouses provide a HUGE rental opportunity. Potential tenants are usually more open to renting a townhouse with a homeowner’s association in place because it creates a near no maintenance environment for them whereas renting a single family home still comes with the responsibilities of ownership.

Maronda Homes has a variety of communities in both Orlando and Pittsburgh. Check out some of our modern townhouse designs such as the St. Mark. Build the St. Mark in new communities throughout Pittsburgh such as The Village at Harmony Junction in Harmony PA, Canterbury Woods in Imperial PA, Tuscany Estates in Union PA, Oakridge Estates in Harrison Township, or browse Pittsburgh to find the location nearest you!

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