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The Path to Building a New Home in Central Ohio


Buying a new home can be a fun and exciting experience.  If you choose to buy new construction, the idea of having something brand new that has never been lived in is an attractive option for many.  In addition, you may have the ability to personalize your new home with features and options specific to your own tastes.  However, there are those who may fear having a new home built for them because they don’t know what to expect or how the process works.  At Maronda Homes, we work hard to ensure that all our buyers have a clear expectation as to how the process will go from start to finish.  Below is an overview of what you can expect to happen as we build your new home.

1. Excavation

Once you have decided on a floorplan and lot, the first step in the construction process is excavation.  Often this event is described as “putting the hole in the ground”.  For many this is a significant step because it is the first real visual progress in the construction of your new home.


2. Foundation

Next you will see the footings and foundation formed and poured.  This is important because it is the support on which your new home will be built on.


3.  Framing

This step is very exciting as you begin to see your new home begin to take shape.




4.  Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and  Air Conditioning).

Generally, these professionals are in the home around the same time getting all of the items installed.  It is a fun time for buyers to see the inner workings of their new home before the “walls” go up.

5.  Drywall

These “walls” refer to the drywall, which is the next step in the construction process.  At this point, it begins to feel like a real house now that room sizes become defined.



6.  Paint

Now it’s time to paint!  Here is where all your color selections start to come together.



7.  Hard Flooring

Following the paint, we will begin to install of your hard surface flooring.  Depending on your selection, the material can be such things as vinyl, tile or hardwood to name a few.


8. Cabinets & Counters

Once the hard surface flooring is finished we will put in your cabinets and counter tops.  It is at this point where the anticipation of seeing your finished home begins to set in.


9.  Carpet

The last major item to be installed is your carpet.  This will always be the final item to go in the home to ensure minimal traffic on your brand new floor.


10.  Clean Up

Before we introduce you to your brand new home, we will do touch ups and have a final cleaning.  It is our every intention to deliver your new home as perfect as possible!



11.  Closing

Now that your new home is finished, it is time for you to close, get your keys and start moving!





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