Maronda Homes News

The Selection Center

The Selection Center is a physical showroom designed in conjunction with SP Floors to create a place for homeowners to select their finishing options for their New Maronda Homes. Not only does the showroom give you a place to see physical samples of our new home finishing options, it also gives you the combined expertise of the SP Floors staff and their intimate and in-depth knowledge of flooring and finishing materials.

Maronda has partnered once again with SP Floors to create this center and offer never-before-seen options to our homebuyers. We’ve broken down these options into convenient and easy to understand upgrade levels. These levels range between our standard finishes and their options, to Level 1, consisting of our entry level upgrades, all the way to Level Four, our premier line, and include brands like Shaw, Armstrong, and Bruce. At the selection center, homebuyers will be guided through selecting from the following:

Carpets – Four levels

  • 6 Standard color choices
  • 14 Different styles available in multiple colors
  • 200+ Different style and color combinations to choose from

Cabinets – Two Levels

  • 1 standard cabinet choice 2 Colors of Level 2 Raised Panel Oak
  • 2 Colors of Level 3 Raised Panel Birch

Countertops – One level

  • 2 Standard countertop choices
  • 6 Quartz countertop option and 4 Granite countertop options

Hardwoods – Three levels

  • 13 Different style and color options

Laminate Flooring – Three levels

  • 2 Styles – Ceramic-look laminates and hardwood-look laminates
  • 40 different laminates to choose from

Vinyl – 3 levels

  • 40+ different styles
  • 2 Upgrade levels from the standard

Shower and Tub Ceramic Surrounds

  • 16 Ceramic colors
  • 15+ Decorative glass and stone tile borders

Rail stains

  • 6 different stain colors for our new open rail options

Glass doors

  • Framed and Frameless glass shower doors

That’s close to 500 different options from which to choose to put into your new Maronda Home – and that number is only going to grow as we select more quality options and upgrades to offer our consumers. Our representatives at SP Floors will be with you every step of the way, guiding you through selecting your different options in order to best match and enhance the look and feel of your home. The SP Staff will provide you with information regarding the materials and installation of your new finishings, as well as information on caring for the surfaces.

The Selection Center is only available to Maronda Homes homebuyers, so ask your Homes Specialist about the center for more information!