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Thoughts of building your Home from the ground up…











As the housing market continues along the current economic path and we start to see incremental upswings, some people still think they are getting a “better deal” with short sales and foreclosures. Stop to think for a minute about the fact that you may not be getting exactly what you want…but it’s cheap.

When it comes to the biggest purchase you’ll ever make in your life, is it more important to you to get the cheapest price? Or, would you rather get the best value for your money?  When you start to think of a home as a value proposition, not just the initial investment but the long-term financial outlay coupled with piece of mind, you may think twice about that used home you’ve been eying.

With a new home you get what you want, not settle for what is already there. By working with a builder, you have the rare opportunity to fine-tune the home to your needs.

  • Select from an array of models and floor plans
  • Choose from modern finishes and options

Choose your own builder and know who put together your home from the ground up. In a used home you may not know who built it, and with that you don’t have much of an idea about the quality of construction and the longevity of the home. All homes are not created equally so having the opportunity to check out a builder gives you more peace of mind when it comes to your long-term goals of home ownership.

  • Choose your builder based on reputation
  • Look at their quality of construction
  • Find out about their reputation and integrity

Quality of construction is a standard, not an option for builders making it in today’s market. Those that are still on the playing field have changed with the times and pay close attention to details both on the surface of your home to make it pretty, functional and to create a desirable place to live, and under the skin, behind the walls, and in the materials and techniques. It’s more important than ever before to understand that builders are attending to the things you can’t see or easily identify.

  • Energy efficient products and materials
  • Current codes and construction techniques

With the ability to choose your floor plans and details in your home, you’re less likely to make costly changes down the road as may be needed immediately in a short sales or foreclosure. By knowing the builder, their reputation, and the quality of homes they build, you’ll have less guesswork when it comes to long-term maintenance and upkeep of your home.  With advanced building materials, energy efficient homes will save you money in the long run as you realize you are not leaking dollar bills out the windows, through the walls, and incurring costly replacements.

Over all, the investment into a new home will pay you back over time as you really see the benefits of new versus used homes. And at Maronda Homes, we strive to build a quality home that your family will enjoy for years to come.