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Tips for Moving to Orlando

Moving to Orlando – Your Dream Destination

Moving can be a stressful time, at Maronda Homes we understand that, so we want to give you a few tips to help you choose the perfect community to live in and then build your dream Maronda Home. Orlando is a metropolis when it comes to tourism, everyone know what Disney World is, so on your weekend you will have plenty to keep busy.There are many other factors to consider when moving there like daily living and safety.

Knowing the cost of living is very important. You can get a pretty good estimate of the cost of living in Orlando by looking at average salaries and housing costs, but it’s much easier to look at current data on Just enter your current base salary at your new location and compare it to your former place for some statistics on how valuable your income will be.

The weather you can either love or hate in Orlando. May through October is Orlando’s hottest and rainiest time of year, and average temperatures reach as high as 100 degrees by mid-morning. Be prepared for a daily rain shower at around 3 p.m., along with heavy thunderstorms and lightning throughout the day. The one good thing about Central Florida is it is sheltered inland so Hurricanes aren’t a worry. Central Florida is relatively safe compared to the coastal cities in the South, but you’ll still need to be prepared for severe storms.

When you think of traveling to work or to event, you always have to judge the traffic in Orlando. If you’re going to rely on I4 to get you through a daily commute, you may need an alternative route as a backup and also have a lot of patience.  Walt Disney World uses this as the main interstate so not only do you compete with local traffic you also struggle with tourist. It is best to always p lan ahead and try to find alternative routes.  Now knowing that the I-4 may be a like a parking lot correlate to how the parking is in Orlando. You will only find parking meters and expensive ramps in downtown Orlando and the convention centers. You can park everywhere else– including Disney and resort areas– completely free of charge.

After learning about the Cost of Living, Weather and Traffic; the most important thing to know about Orlando is:

Walt Disney World DISCOUNTS!!!!! Annual passes with unlimited access to the parks are just $494.16 for Florida residents. It’s a great bonus to get out to the theme parks any time of year and if water parks our your thing they have a package for that too!

Orlando features many great qualities and understanding a few items will help you go a long way. So now that you have some details come check us out at Maronda Homes.

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