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Tips on decorating your home for Halloween!

One of the best parts of owning a home is being able to go all out during the holiday season, but for some homeowners, the scariest part of the Halloween kickoff is the cost of decorating outside their home.  So, how about a few budget friendly tricks as a sweet holiday treat!

Holiday spirit comes in all aesthetics, particularly for Halloween.  Whether classic, creative or kooky it’s a holiday for the young at heart and all it takes is a little DIY to go all out without spending a ton.   Family friendly crafts can not only make for inexpensive decorations, but also memories that can last a lifetime.  This is one of those times where Pinterest, the social media bulletin board site, can be your best friend and provide much needed inspiration.  Even if you don’t have a lot of time, Halloween decorating can be quite simple.

One of the simplest decorations and a staple of the holiday is the leaf stuffed scarecrow.  Simply rake some leaves and stuff old clothes such as jeans and a plaid shirt, a stuffed brown paper bag will suffice for the head.  Not too scary and yet an homage to the fall season.

Another traditional mainstay is the white sheet ghost.  With a balloon or ball for the head, a ghost can easily be strung from a tree or along a fishing line.  It’s one of those decorations that’s what you make of it.  A cardboard cemetery can also add the appropriate level of macabre to any front yard.

You can never go wrong with pumpkins or even jack-o-lanterns.  Jack-o-lanterns can be painted, carved or glued, but they always make a front porch or staircase feel festive.  Plus, jack-o-lanterns are really customizable and can be elegant, creepy, scary or humorous depending on your taste.  Templates are available as well as numerous ideas for going all out without spending a dime.

For the holiday where black is always in, cutout bats and cats and witches, oh my!  It’s about utilizing your outdoor space and in particular any trees.  Trees can hang items, but they can also be decorated with surprising and subtle faces.  The possibilities are endless, although your budget may not be.

Ultimately, Halloween is a chance to highlight your home in a more jovial way.  So don’t stress about the money because any household item can be turned into a classic decoration everyone will enjoy.  For more detailed ideas and images check out Pinterest, there’s surely something for everyone and every budget.