Lets set the record straight.  If you purchase a home and it’s not from a New Home Builder, it’s used!  It’s not a “resale”, it’s not a “previously owned” and it’s not an “existing”.  It is a used home.  Period.

Maronda Homes of Central Florida and Maronda Homes of Treasure Coast builds brand new homes.  We have been building brand new homes since 1972, which means we have many many thousands of homes in these areas that are now “used”.  While we stand behind the product we built then, they do not compare to the product we build today.   We firmly believe that the brand new home we build today is better, in every way, than any home that is already on the market.

As savvy consumers, choosing new over used is how we operate in almost every area.  When faced with the decision or given the choice, you’d pick a new car over a used car, a new set of golf clubs over a used set of golf clubs, a new mattress over a used mattress, a new Apple product over a used Apple product and so on and so on…

The reasons you’ll chose new are many, valid and shared by millions of people all over the world.  So why consider anything less for a home, the largest purchase you will ever make as a consumer.

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About Dominick Donato

Dominick Donato was a dedicated employee of Maronda Homes for 17 years. Upon leaving in March 2014, he was serving as the Vice President for the Tampa division in Florida.

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