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Visualizer Helps Shoppers Picture Their Dream Home

Visualizer allows homebuyers to build home inside and out.

To cater to today’s online home buyer, new Home Builders are having to adapt.  Maronda Homes is leading the pack, providing homebuyers with a new online visualizer tool that has homebuyers talking.

Home builders have provided a variety of options to their shoppers for a long time but showing a unique finished product to each and every customer was sometimes difficult. Maronda Homes of Pittsburgh is leading the online home shopping experience with the addition of the online visualizer tool to make home buying online easier.

Today’s buyers have a very specific picture of what their dream home looks like, this online visualizer gives them to chance to see their home come to life, make adjustments and build a home that is truly unique.

In additional to its state of the art 360 degree virtual tours, Maronda is now offering unique color visualizers showcase the bevy of options and upgrades available across their home design portfolio.

New home shopping on the internet has gone from virtual to a reality.

Instead of just viewing samples or swatches of home features, Maronda Homes’ online visualizer allow shoppers to see a fully rendered version of their home with all of the selections that they have individually chosen. Carpets, flooring, siding, brick and cabinetry are just some of the changeable features in the visualizer

The technology is easy and seamless to use. Selecting from a variety of options and available upgrades, customizers can mix and match features to suit their needs. Maronda Homes can now give a true feeling, both interior and exterior of what the finished home actually will look like.

Maronda Homes is trying to provide home seekers with a complete online experience people.

Exploring home designs is easier than ever with the Visualizer.

The newly unveiled online visualizer provides the perfect blend of innovation and customer focus. The online Visualizer currently offers two different home designs for customization; new designs will be added in the coming weeks. The Visualizer allows for customization of a home in just minutes from a desktop, smartphone or tablet.

Maronda Homes has been a family-owned and operated business for over four decades and in that time, has been dedicated to building quality new homes at an affordable price. Maronda Homes is continuously striving to improve the home building process by modernizing floor plans, evolving homes designs, and a pioneering online experience.

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