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What Do Your Home Interior Color Choices Say About You?

Do you find that color can invoke a certain emotion inside of you?  Have you ever been drawn to an interior color scheme and asked yourself, Why?  Many psychologists say that choosing a room color should not be taken lightly.  Many believe there is a science behind it all.  Let’s take a look at the meanings of a few colors and design…

RED:  Defined as bold, stimulating, dynamic, provocative, and rich.  Red is most often used in a dining or living room setting.  Designers say that the use of red draws interest and enthusiasm.  So it is great in a room where you would traditionally entertain.

GREEN:  Defined as refreshing, soothing, healing, and natural.  Designers view green as a neutral color.  It compliments nearly every other color choice, as it is the primary color found in nature.  Green can often be found as a constant throughout the home, but is highly recommended in a bedroom setting, as it is found to be calming.

BLUE:  Defined as cool, serene, quiet, and dependable.  Designers view blue as an extremely versatile color, because as a primary color, it can be paired within almost any color scheme.  Blue is also widely used in the bedroom as it has calming qualities and can promote a better night sleep.

YELLOW:  Defined as cheerful, luminous, warming, and enlightening.  Designers love to use shades of yellow in the kitchen or morning room setting.  Yellow promotes positivity and energy, so why not place it in the most used room in your home.

ORANGE:  Defined as friendly, inviting, and energizing.  Designers find that this color is very disarming and effective when used in a space where groups of people meet.  In your home this would translate well into the kitchen or family room.

Personally, I love the use of color throughout a home.  Save the white paint for the ceilings and base boards.  Reserve the blacks and browns to hide imperfection or to balance your bold color choices.  The best rule of thumb is to express yourself in a way that makes you want to enjoy every room in your home!