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What says Quality to You?


Every person that is considering the purchase of a new home is looking for Quality.  But what is Quality?  Is it a home that will withstand hurricane force winds, keep out rain and pretty much handle whatever Mother Nature throws at it?  Is it a home with really nice finishes, The latest in floor coverings, hardwood cabinets, granite counter tops, etc.  Is it the architectural quality, the site lines of the different spaces in the home?  The way the spaces work together and live.  Is it the Maintenance requirements over time, how much upkeep the home needs to keep it looking good and working like new?  Is it energy efficiency, with the low electric and water bills that go with it?  Is it technology, a home with all the latest gadgets?  Is it a home that leads the way in the latest trends, Green, Renewable, Sustainable….    Is it a home that performs as well or better than what we remember of the home of our parents?

Our opinions tend to be formed from our own experience.  Many people remember their childhood home and those memories set the minimum standard of quality.  What do you remember about the home or homes you grew up in?  Do you remember it needing to be painted frequently?  Do you remember leaks, be they roof leaks, window leaks, or plumbing leaks?  Since I’m old enough to remember homes before Air Conditioning, I remember “cross ventilation” being an important design element.  Quality homes had “cross ventilation” for each bedroom.  Of course in our home, with me being the youngest, I didn’t have windows on two different walls in my bedroom.  It was the only bedroom in the house without it, so I thought cross ventilation was extremely important.  Today, with Air Conditioning you don’t even hear cross ventilation mentioned so the features that mean quality change over time.  Since many of our perceptions of quality are formed during childhood we remember things from a child’s perspective.  Being a kid, I didn’t see the utility bills and therefore wasn’t exposed to what the energy costs of that home were.  As an adult I shudder to think of what the home I grew up in would cost to heat and cool today.

Here in Florida, the building codes, being the toughest in the country basically require a home be designed with wind loads in mind.  The energy efficiency requirements that are part of the Florida Energy Code are also a way new homes built here excel.  Most new homes built today in Florida will give you a reasonable level of quality regarding storm hardening and energy efficiency.  So is Quality in a new Florida home determined by the finishes, Architectural features, Technology features and Green features?   If so which ones and how do you know what’ available?

Maronda Homes provides an Internet Concierge service to everyone with access to the internet.  We understand the combination of Features and Finishes that says Quality to you, may be different than what someone else lists.  We are here to answer your questions so you know what Maronda provides.  It’s an easy to use service that’s available to anyone with an email address.  Just click on the chat prompt at or click on the Contact Us tab at the top of the page.  There is a group of people dedicated to getting you answers to your new home questions just a click away.  Try the service today and see how Maronda can deliver a Quality home for you.