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“Yule” Love Your New Maronda Home!

Having Guests in Your New Maronda Home During the Holiday Season

A new Maronda Home is the perfect location to have friends and family over for the holiday season. When the fall leaves start to change, everyone knows the holidays are right around the corner. Right after Thanksgiving, the unofficial holiday of Black Friday marks the season of giving. Regardless of what holiday you celebrate, the tradition of family coming together is celebrated all over the world. Now the question is, whose house are we traveling too?

Be not afraid anymore my friends, celebrating the holiday season in your Maronda Home has never been easier. This is your year to be the hostess with the most-ess. As many take on the task year after year of being the host for the holidays, space for friends, family and even the food always seem to be a problem. In your Maronda Home, space never becomes an issue. In our sleek and elegant kitchens, waking up that morning will not be about presents, but how excited you will be to cook! Cooking isn’t a task many like to do alone, that is why your Maronda Kitchen is the perfect size. Getting the whole family involved, all the way down to the kids, makes the holidays a memorable time.

While standing in your Maronda kitchen,  General Electric stainless steel appliances glisten in the backdrop. The accessibility and space within your refrigerator and oven will make storing Santa’s glass of milk and baking his cookies family friendly.

With countertops that provide plenty of room for chopping vegetables, preparing the turkey and even mixing up some cocktails, guests will love to see their dinner in action. Appetizers can also be spread out throughout the kitchen to appease their cravings for your dinner.

As an open space for laughter, mingling and helping one-another with dinner, your Maronda Kitchen will translate into joyful noise.

The holidays always have a spectacular meal, but what do guests do until dinner is done?

As many Maronda Homes share beautiful open floor plans, having guests over has never been easier. After your guests have finally grabbed the last present from the car, friends and family will instantly feel the comfort and luxury behind a Maronda. With holiday music playing in the background, guests are invited intermix in your living room. With plenty of natural lighting and floor space to move around, trying to find where grandma is will not be a problem!

Contact Maronda Homes throughout the holiday season to make this dream a reality.