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Extended Families are Trending

With extended families now moving in…Maronda is here to help

Traveling to visit the kids, or going upstate to visit mom and dad seems too cookie cutter for today’s families. For today’s families, the generational gap is getting tighter. Living in relatives is not a thing of the past, but yet an adventure for the future. In many niche markets, generational options for extended families in new homes are finding their way to the top. Many new home builders, like Maronda, offer a very flexible option for a space that is no longer just extra office room.

This isn’t just a trend in one market, across the nation, communities and families are starting to bring together everyone as opposed to scattering families across the board. According to the Charlotte Observer, “For homebuilders, it’s a small niche market that’s growing bigger each year. A Pew Research Center study estimated that today 51 million Americans live in homes with more than one other adult generation.”

Many people assume that this ‘Flex Gen’ space is only for live-in parents or grandparents. Although this might be the most popular option, many home owners are taking this option to a whole new level. The Charlotte Observer continues to say, “The saggy economy of recent years has also left a portion of boomerangs – adults ages 25-35 who are unable to find work after graduating from college – back on mom and dad’s doorstep. Other families have found multigenerational living suites a good way to foster independence in adult children with disabilities such as autism or Down syndrome.”

Whatever your case may be, Maronda is here to help. This is an opportunity for you and your family to create a new life in our single-family homes with Flex Gen space.

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