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Recent Grad? Yes! You can be a first time home buyer!

Many recent grads are putting off buying their first home because they think that they can’t get approved for a mortgage.  Loans requiring 20% down are a thing of the past.  If you are a recent grad with a good income and some savings for a down payment or closing ...

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Simplified Home Maintenance

Buying a home is an exciting, large, and worthwhile investment.  After the home-buying process is over, many new owners focus on the best ways to maintain their property. Proper home maintenance can save homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs and upgrades over the years. It is common for first-time owners ...

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Reasons to Buy a New Home in the Winter Season

Buying a new home in winter is one the real estate industry’s best kept secrets. Since most people look to close their home purchases in the spring and summer, you can leverage the wintertime market to your advantage. Here are just a few ways that you win by buying in ...

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2013 Is Your Year to Become a First Time Home Buyer

          If you’ve been planning to make a move to buy your first home but have been waiting to see how the US market plays out, don’t wait any longer. 2013 is the year to take the leap. The market has been showing steady signs of recovery over ...

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Maronda Homes – The Quality Is In Our DNA

If you’ve been shopping for a new home for a while, you’ve probably visited a number of homebuilder websites and noticed that certain buzzwords show up time and time again. Words like “designer,” “value,” and “craftsmanship” get thrown around pretty liberally, and it can be hard to distinguish the reality ...

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