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Scattered Lot Living: The Freedom of Choice

Maronda Homes Embraces Scattered Lot Living in Florida As many people have a tight budget to work with, sometimes community living can be to pricey. With home owner association (HOA) fees that can secretly creep up on you, many individuals feel overwhelmed with costs that they might not be prepared ...

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Communities that Care

Maronda Homes Builds Communities That Care When house hunting is on your mind, look no further than a community. The beauty behind community living is no secret, it’s convenience. Communities within Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia and Florida are proving that Maronda is force to reckon with. So what is a community? ...

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Home Owners Associations in Florida A welcome partner or an evil that must be tollerated?

I frequently run into customers moving to Florida from out of state who’s first priority is, “I don’t want to see any communities with an HOA” Home Owners Associations are so prevalent here in Florida if found it surprising that it would be a high priority.  However after reading the ...

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