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New Year’s Resolutions for the New Home Buyer

            Do your New Year’s resolutions include plans to buy a new home? If so, you might want to add these New Year’s resolutions to your list as you begin your new home search: 1. Obtain credit history and credit score.  It’s no secret that ...

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10 Tips to Create Family Friendly Spaces in Your New Home

                  Do you have an active family? Are pets and people tromping through the house on a regular basis? Do you want an elegant space but need to accommodate a family environment? Here are 10 tips to creating those warm family friendly ...

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22 Home Buying Questions to Help With Your New Home Search

            Often times when looking at new homes it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the options that are out there. In the process of finding the right home, there may be a long list of questions you have, or you may not even know ...

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Maronda Homes encourages you to go Vote!

Every four years Americans have the opportunity to choose who will lead this great country for the next four years.  The U.S. Constitution provides for a balance of power consisting of three branches of government, the Executive (President), the Legislative (Congress), and the Judicial (Supreme Court).  This separation is designed ...

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