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Hurricane season is here again…Are you ready?

Now that hurricane season is here is Florida, it is time, once again to get prepared.  Below are some tips to being prepared for what experts are predicting will be a busy hurricane season in Florida! The following is a list of items to check in and around your home ...

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What is Your Driveway Saying About You?

Like it or not, our homes say a lot about who we are and how we feel about ourselves. That’s probably why we focus so much on curb appeal. Although most people are diligent about painting and landscaping, you’d be surprised how many overlook that great big “welcome mat” we ...

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Hurricane preparedness…Maronda style, Part Two!

With the onset of hurricane season, and Tropical Storm Beryl, the first named storm to affect the area, it is time to get our homes ready. Most of the losses associated with tropical storms and hurricanes result from the damages that occur from a lack of maintenance and what most people would ...

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Hurricane preparedness….Maronda Homes style!

Every year in Florida, the first of June  means one thing, it’s hurricane season again!  There are many benefits to living in the sunshine state, but even with all of the good things Florida has to offer, there are things that need to be prepared for.  Since Hurricane Andrew hit ...

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