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Buyers Market – going, going … gone

It’s official, The National Association of Realtors has announced it is now a Sellers Market.  Given the dwindling supply of good quality homes in prime locations buyers are finding it hard to locate a home to purchase whether it’s a new home, existing home, short sale or foreclosure.  Nationally the ...

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The Impact of Generation Y on New Home Sales

A lot has been written about Generation Y as they begin to exert their influence on politics, markets and the world in general.  They are NOT a monolithic group that all think the same way and support the same things as a label like “Generation Y” would seem to imply.  ...

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New Rules for Home Lenders Announced

The CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) is formally releasing its new rules to implement the portion of the 2010 Todd Frank financial regulation overhaul pertaining to making lenders liable for determining that a borrower is able to repay the loan.  There has been much discussion as to whether this will ...

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This Holiday Season “be – aware” of your Arc Fault Breakers

New Homes built under Florida’s Building Code are required to include Arc Fault Breakers (AFCI Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters) in the panel box.  Maronda Homes are no exception.  Most people don’t pay any attention when this is pointed out during the new home orientation as they are looking at a ...

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Retire in Florida… Why? Fourteen Reasons Why.

The State of Florida is known as a retirement mecca.  People from the North East overwhelmingly choose Florida as the place to live when they stop the rat race and choose where they want to live.  There are a number of other Southern States that promote themselves as a great ...

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The Steps to Homeownership – Maronda Style

First time home buyers are an important group of customers at Maronda Homes.  Being a company that provides more value than other builders we tend to appeal to the first time buyer.  Many people who are interested in purchasing a home but haven’t done it before really don’t want to ...

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