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Living and things to do in St. Port Lucie Florida

Port St. Lucie is a large city in St. Lucie County in Florida. Its proximity to both Orlando and Miami makes Port St. Lucie a desirable place to live in. It is located along Treasure Coat of Florida. It is a quiet and peaceful city as compared with Miami and Orlando and residents enjoy mesmerizing views of the waterways as well as lush green golf courses. Port St. Lucie is surprisingly much affordable when compared with other housing markets in south Florida.


Yes, you won’t find the world famous theme parks of Orlando or the glamour of Miami here but you will love the natural beauty of the area with wonderful beaches, boating and fishing opportunities in St. Lucie River, and the several nature parks that are present here. For those fond of fun and adventure in the outdoors, Port Lucie has a lot on offer without the glare of the tourists that are always there in Miami and Orllando.


Explore nature

Port St. Lucie is blessed with amazing natural beauty that you can experience by visiting Oxbow Eco-Centre. This preserve on St. Lucie River has excellent diversity in terms of flora and fauna of Florida. There are exhibits inside the centre where you can see not only birds buut also reptiles as well as natural artifacts.  One big attraction here is a replica of the river St. Lucie that allows you to have a glimpse at the underwater world. Adventure enthusiasts can experience canoeing, kayaking, and fishing inside the park. The preserve also provides opportunities to indulge in hiking and horseback riding. The park has many picnicking areas for families along with restrooms.


Take a boat cruise

One of the best ways to explore the natural beauty of Port St. Lucie is by taking a boat cruise. There are many companies providing cruise facility on its boats. During the cruise, you can catch a glimpse of not just birds and turtles but also fierce alligators living in their natural habitat. These cruises last for nearly 90 minutes and you can take your cameras along with you.


Go to Hillmoor Lake Park

This is a beautiful park along a lake in Port St. Lucie that contains a wonderful trail system. It also contains observation decks from where you can catch a glimpse of the variety of wildlife that Florida is famous for. It is possible to explore the park on your bike.