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A New Home by Maronda Homes = A New Fresh Environment

Change of house means starting a new stage, a new environment, knowing new
people, etc… Everything is perfect until the time comes when we have
to start packing our things. But calm down! At Maronda Homes
we know how exhausting and tedious the removals can be and how
you start a new life, with the right foot, we propose several
tips that will help you carry out a move without stress or incidents.
Before moving, do not forget…
Provide your new address to family and friends and the date on which
you will be moving
• Notify the change of address to banks and stores where you have accounts for
Send the correspondence to the new place.
• Cancels the contracting of public services (electricity, water, gas, telephone).
We must cancel the services of the current address and contract those of the new
living place.
• At the end of the loading of the appliances, it is convenient to make a tour of the
house, to make sure we do not leave anything forgotten.
make boxes
To have everything ready, you need to start weeks before the move-in day.
You can start by collecting boxes, bags, packaging tapes, etc. For
continue living those weeks with some normality, start packing everything
what you do not need for your day to day: books, paintings, decorative home,
among others.
Get rid of what you no longer use
Removals are the perfect opportunity to clean up and get rid of
everything that you no longer use. If you have clothing, footwear or toys that do not
you have been using for a long time, you can donate them to people who really do
use them. In this way you will transport a smaller amount of things to your new
home, you will save space and help those who need it most at the same time.
Pack a whole house
It is best to follow an order. Save each room separatelyHome Building Tips
and mark each box with the name of the room to which it corresponds in the
measure in which you are preparing it. Do not forget to take inventory.

Keep in mind the most fragile and delicate objects, we advise you,
Before inserting them inside cardboard boxes, cover them with paper of
bubbles or with plastic bags to make sure they reach their destination in
perfect conditions. This simple gesture will give you the opportunity to prevent
possible losses and order everything with greater speed and agility when landing
in your new house.
Secure your transport
Remember to make an appointment and then confirm your move in date with your
Moving company closest to the time. You may want to confirm
One or two weeks before the date and then a few days closer to the time.
Be sure to get a time from the company in which you can wait for the
transportation so you can be ready and start moving your items without
New house!!
Finally, you arrive at your new home, although there is so much bulk that you do not know where
start. Quiet! Breathe and start. First load the heavy things,
mounts furniture, dining room, etc. then, undo the boxes, try to go
folding them at the same time so they occupy less space) if you like it
You can go a few days before to your new home, this will be very helpful. As
You can do a small cleaning and in turn visualize the facilities of the
same, this will facilitate your work at the time of moving.
Survival kit
Think about the day after, or even at night, if you do not want to sleep in a
mattress without sheets and dressed. Linens, towels, pajamas and a toiletry bag
the bathroom are some of the things that you can not miss. The next morning,
You need to start with strength, rested … And clean!