Maronda Celebrates 50 Years of Home Building with TonesterPaints Collab

2022: The Year Maronda Turns 50!

We are thrilled to announce that we have been building superior new construction homes for over five decades! 

Throughout the past 50 years, we have expanded into new divisions, enhanced dozens of our floorplans, acquired new partners in quality, advanced our online technology, and incorporated even more energy-efficient materials into our homes. We couldn’t have done it without you – our loyal homebuyers. 

By constantly analyzing market trends and consumers’ needs, we have been able to make 50 years of homebuilding come to fruition. To celebrate, we decided to partner with TikTok Star Tony Piloseno!

Maronda Homes Partners with TonesterPaints to create a custom paint color for our 50th Birthday Celebration

Tony Piloseno, creator and owner of TonesterPaints, specializes in the art of color creation across various platforms on social media. With over five years of working in a paint store, Tony discovered this new and modern approach to adding color to homes and quickly accumulated a social following of over three million people.

Earlier this summer, our marketing team visited TonesterPaints HQ to collaborate on the perfect accent wall color. As a family builder, we instantly agreed that it was important to have current and future homebuyers be a part of our anniversary celebration. Besides having exclusive access to this one-of-a-kind color, you even helped us name it!

Check out how Tony custom-mixed “Sea Glass” on his TikTok

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