Bee Smart About Energy Efficiency

The Maronda Homes Difference


Maronda Homes was first to implement dozens of energy-efficient features that have now become industry standards, such as framed and insulated low-side foundations in our Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Kentucky divisions that create more comfortable living space and efficient use of energy.  In Florida and Georgia, Maronda Homes implements ZIP System barrier on wall sheathing, R-30 insulation and other features such as concrete block construction. As a concrete block builder we know air infiltration from "wall leaks" is estimated to cause up to 39 percent of home energy loss. Concrete block walls, which are more air tight than wood frame walls, seal in air-conditioned air far better.... while keeping out hot, humid air prevalent in southern climates.

The homes we build are at least 15 percent more energy efficient than homes built to meet the 2010 Florida Energy Code and 2009 International Energy Conservation Code, and Maronda provides up to a 30- to 40-percent performance edge compared to typical new homes. We've always been a leader in building energy efficient homes. Now our program has a name: BEE Smart.


Every Home is 100% BEE Smart Certified Energy Efficient


Quality workmanship is the cornerstone of every Maronda home. By controlling more of the construction process than typical home builders, Maronda ensures that each phase meets high standards of efficiency. Homes built according to BEE Smart standards are designed, produced and installed to meet strict requirements for energy efficiency. Each home is inspected as it's being built to verify it meets our program standards for energy efficiency.

To ensure that nothing is overlooked, Maronda's inspection protocol includes comprehensive checklists and periodic walkthroughs that exceed industry standards.


BEE Smart Energy Efficiency Saves You Money


Maronda Homes is dedicated to building homes that meet strict guidelines for energy efficiency, which involves the integration of new technologies, functional design and energy efficiency into all the homes we build. Our homes use less energy for heating, cooling and electric service to deliver up to 40 percent savings on annual utility bills. Over the years, a typical Maronda homeowner can save thousands of dollars in energy costs.


Raising the Bar on ENERGY STAR® Standards


There is no question that ENERGY STAR® sets the standard for energy, but we are taking energy efficiency one step further. Homes with the BEE Smart certification are actually more energy efficient than ENERGY STAR® certified homes.  According to the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index, homes built by Maronda are 40 percent more efficient than typical new homes built to code and 25 percent more efficient than ENERGY STAR® homes. This certification is validated by an independent inspection company.

Maronda does utilize the ENERGY STAR® program where it counts most by installing only ENERGY STAR® rated appliances. With energy-efficient appliances,
homeowners are able to maximize their energy and dollar savings without sacrificing features.