The Maronda Homes Story

Humble Beginnings

Maronda Homes was founded in 1972 by William J Wolf. After years of working in the home building industry, Mr. Wolf ventured out on his own to build superior new homes that were cost-effective. With this philosophy, more individuals could afford a new construction home.

We continue to streamline our process while using quality materials to maintain this philosophy for our current and future customers. Our goal will always be to create affordable homes without sacrificing excellence and style in our home designs.

A Family Affair

Stringing together parts of his children’s names — Marietta, Ronald, and Daniel, Mr. Wolf formed the new name for his company, “Maronda.” More than 50 years later, Maronda Homes remains a private, family-owned, operated business, building new homes in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Alabama, Florida, Ohio, Kentucky, and Georgia.


Our commitment to the community extends beyond our product as Maronda Homes has long recognized the importance of giving back. The Maronda Foundation, established by our founder William Wolf, strives to provide educational opportunities, scholarship programs, civic inspiration to local communities, youth programs, and spiritual organizations. Goodwill towards all has always been, and will continue to be, a cornerstone of our culture since our founding.

After months of looking and researching, we found ourselves back at Maronda Homes. Maronda offered us not only the size of house we were looking for but also the quality. The choices and options available to us allowed us to personalize our home to suit our family perfectly while maintaining affordability.

-Katheryn, Maronda Homeowner
Commitment to Quality

Maronda Homes has been a family-owned and operated business for over five decades. In that time we have dedicated ourselves to building quality new homes at an affordable price, with unparalleled attention to customer service.

We are continuously striving to improve the home-building process by modernizing floor plans, and evolving homes designs with affordable luxury reaching every corner of our new homes.

We Are Proud to be Recognized for Our Quality Homes

At Maronda Homes, we pride ourselves on our quality new home construction. Time and time again we have proven our craftsmanship by receiving numerous awards. Some of these include awards by People’s Choice, Warranty Companies, and Home Builder Association Excellence Awards.

Maronda Homes receives these awards because of our service, quality, and design excellence. Our team will support you along your homebuilding journey from the pre-planning stage of a project to the end result. Our highly trained project management team will guide you and help you get the results you want. At Maronda Homes, we will make sure our resources are allocated appropriately to provide the best quality of work for your new home.

We look forward to being your new construction home builder!

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